V-Formation branding

V-Formation, makes everyone move!

V-Formation is a young Belgian company specialised in custom team building activities, sports camps and school camps using amazingly large attractions. Recently, they received a complete make-over. After 4 years of existence, it was about time to say goodbye to the V-man and welcome a new corporate identity with a logo that evoces motion, fresh icons, dynamic lay-outs and an assertive tone of voice.

It was a challenging task to guide the 2 owners into the world of branding and design, but the result is worth the effort. It’s great to make them proud of their own business!


Branding of Sportorders, manufacturer and distributer of top quality sports products.

The trick was to create a professional brand image that reflects the company’s main goal: producing and distributing quality sports products. Since Sportorders is a facilitating company, so should its visual identity support the premium sports brands without ‘overruling’ them.

The result is a professional, sleek corporate identity that combines blacks and greys that are visually seperated by a green curve. With the new identity comes a visual language for images and advertisements, a flexible website, styling of the online distributors shop, etc. Check it out!

Hageland Mountainbike School

Teaching kids from 6-14 to have fun on the bike!

In the fall of 2010 Maarten Gybels launched a new official mountainbike training school in Belgium. PinkOliv offered its dedicated sports branding services.

We used illustrations and slogans to communicate what the school is all about: improving your biking skills while having fun! Practice proofed that this approach is appealing both the kids and their parents and the first issue of the school turned out to be a big success. We translated the chosen style into a variety of branding material and a simple, clear website.

EXTRA LARGE Packaging guidelines

EXTRALARGE is a Belgian brand of ‘extra large’ products.

These functional products are meant to bring joy to everyone’s life. PinkOliv is responsible for the development of new products, the overal branding and packaging design of all EXTRALARGE products.

Since the launch of the EXTRA LARGE brand more than 10 years ago, the logo has been the only visual constant in the product and packaging design. PinkOliv was commissioned to create a consistent packaging and product design guideline. ‘Keep it simple, economic and foul proof’ was the initial brief. All attention had to go to the brand name and the product inside. We literally translated the ‘iconic’ shapes of the products to the packaging design: Clear white packaging with strong product icons and bold EXTRA LARGE typography.

ICIAR Bike Trial Artist

ICIAR is one of Belgium’s most promising Biketrial riders.

Having a multitude of national championship titles, several Belgian Trial cup wins and top-15 Worlcup rides, he definitely rocks!

PinkOliv is offering a full range of sports branding services to ICIAR and is responsible for all branding components from logo design, webdesign, car and trailer design, sports wear design and production up to sponsor management.


Corporate identity and branding of the largest mountainbike community website of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Serving about 10000 unique visitors / day, the rebranding of the community was a risky challenge. Nevertheless, the associates of mountainbike.be agreed that the 10th anniversary of the website should be the ideal opportunity for a total rethinking of the site’s branding. The new ‘M’ icon and colour combination symbolises the new approach: efficient communication for a community that is bringing independent bikers together to efficiently chair and experience their hobby.
In the first phase the website received a style make-over and new branding material was designed. In the next phase we will introduce a completely new community system and news portal for the off-road cycling community.

Art Academy campaigns

Since 2005, we have been responsible for the branding and communication of the Art Academy of the city of Geel.

Every year in February, we work out a local campaign for the ‘Dag van het DKO’, a day that celebrates the ‘Part time art education’ in Belgium. For 3 years already we managed to create a 2-colour printed campaign that is catchy but stays faithful to the brand we created for the Art Academy.

First Class Nutrition

Redesign and branding of a Belgian sports nutrition brand.

After a few years of distributing other sports nutrition brands, our client decided to launch his own product range. First Class Nutrition was originally born with the aim of reaching the efficiency of top American Sports nutrition brands within the rules of ethical and healthy sports. First Class Nutrition products are efficient, powerful and 100% dope free. Hence the ‘American-styled’ branding and product identity with a stylish touch.

After the introduction of the new brand identity at the end of 2008, the product range (as well as the company) has substantially grown and is pretty close to become the completest sports nutrition brand on the European market. It has about everything the fitness sector, the health-conscious and the endurance sports sector can dream of.

Bobbin stool/table object

The Bobbin is a versatile object, inspired by the shape of a thread bobbin, that serves multiple functions: It can be used as a stool or a side table. But above all it is a stylish object that brings a cheerful touch to your home.

Pinkoliv assisted Geert-Jan in turning his bobbin idea into a smart design. It is the result of a perfect and prompt interaction between XLBoom and pinkoliv to create an original product. Using a few simple injection moulded parts of recycled ABS, the stool is easily assembled before finishing it with a durable white DuPont coating XLBoom is using for all their products from the ‘ACT’ series. The seam is masked by the elastic band that symbolizes the bobbin thread. The Bobbin is available with 3 different colour finishes: white, black and red.

TRIBE Chair and Table

The triangular shape of the Tribe chair and table is inspired by the nomadic seating position and the iconic character of totems and monumental creations of nomadic people and tribes. The Tribe Chair is stackable and has a nicely modeled handle at the back. It can be used as an extra seat in the blink of an eye.

The Tribe Chair also comes with a beautiful table.  The chair and table are available in black and white and some extra seasonal colours. The Tribe products are made from recycled ABS and are coated with weather resistible Dupont paint which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Visa By Delsey packaging

Starting with little or no branding guidelines, we were comissioned to create a new identity for the blister packaging of Delsey’s wholesale market brand: Visa.

From a range of initial concepts, a ‘postcard’ concept was selected. Although it was not our personal favorite -we would have loved to spice the brand a little up- the new packaging identity generates a feeling of going on a holiday. We developed a standard for a variety of products and sizes and created a ton of postage stamp icons to communicate the different content and functions of the packaging.

Fuga Bikes

FUGA is Italian for ‘flight’ or ‘escape’, an escape from the norm. In Cycling terms it refers to the breakaway, the head of the race or the lead group.

And that’s exactly what FUGA stands for. Since it is a small Belgian cycling brand with global orientation, working with limited edition series, they gladly escape from the norm and offer their clients a new racing experience. At Fuga, the aim is not to bring the best technology -although we want to be really close to that. Making their riders experience what it feels like to be a cycling hero is their genuine ambition.

MP3 Sportsdrink

Redesign and branding of a European sports drink brand.

When our client aquired the MP3 Sportsdrink brand in 2007, he was ambitious to turn it into the n° 1 sportsdrink brand for sports and health centers. Because the brand nor the company were ready for this in 2007, we decided to go for a phased approach. The first phase implied upgrading the logo, slogan and brand identity, label design of the existing pre-mixed drinks, followed by the development of a range of promotional and commercial artwork, advertising, branding material, etc.

The past 3 years the brand has grown to become the most complete pre-mixed sport drinks brands of Europe, being sold all over Europe and beyond. Both us, the client and the brand are now ready to take the next step…

NOOZ relaxation concept

NOOZ is a unique relaxation concept from a passionate flemish couple.

PinkOliv was involved from the very first business ideas, delivering full branding services, naming, copywriting, font design, design of promotional products, web design and web application development. We created some unique promotional products and on-the-spot branding solutions. To find out everything we did, we would really advice you to visit NOOZ and have a great time!