Design Strategy

Is design new to your company? Are you facing an important business opportunity or a threat? Curious to find out which new product (or service) development you should invest in? As a recognized service provider for the KMO-portefeuille, pinkoliv guides you through this 'fuzzy front end'.

Strategic branding

Branding surpasses a nice logo design and great looking corporate websites. Branding is above all about the implementation of the brand and its story into all products, services and communication material that connects you to your customers. PinkOliv guides you through the branding process.

Strategic Product Design

Products have more than functional values, they are an extension of the brand image of your company. We are passionate about product development and assist you in both the design and development as well as manufacturing of products in different sectors.

Sports Branding & Communication

Discover our special branding services and branding products for the sports sector: NODRUGS. Since 2008, this spin-off provides custom solutions for sports teams, events, organisations and individual professional athletes. NODRUGS literally offers everything for teams but drugs.