Idea farmers since 2003

We are designer-entrepreneurs that use a lean approach to help startups, SME’s and corporates discover and elaborate on new market opportunities, create, innovate and grow over generations. We design strategies, brands, products, services and business models for a range of sectors but with a strong experience in sports and mobility.

PinkOliv was first launched in 2003 as a creative platform for 4 product development graduates. Today, PinkOliv focusses on creating and supporting authentic brands, products, services and ventures to have a durable impact. We use design thinking, value proposition design, corporate venturing, product development, branding, graphic design and marketing tools to create successful solutions.

In 15 years, PinkOliv has cultivated over 150 brands, managed over 400 domain names and websites, designed more than 2400 custom sportswear outfits and co-created more than 35 start-ups or spin-off companies.

Stefan Van Ouytsel

Stefan is a design thinker, strategic designer and innovation coach with short-circuited left and right brain halves resulting in an inexhaustable source of ideas which explains his talent to spot new market opportunities. He gets a thrill from designing and implementing new business models and strategies that result in sustainable concepts with environmental and social impact. He guides both start-ups and established companies towards a successful product/service/business launch.

Stefan started his career in 2000 as a design consultant for Enthoven Associates, working mainly on strategic industrial design projects for international brands like Coca-Cola, Vaillant, Bombardier Transportation, Tupperware, etc. . He was a professor at the department ‘Man & Mobility’ of the Design Academy Eindhoven for 8 years before he became a startup and innovation coach at Voka, Chamber of Commerce.

Annelies Geukens

Annelies is a designer with a unique talent to turn opportunities into tangible brands, products and spaces. She likes ticking the boxes and get things done. Annelies is a specialist in ‘soft products’ and branding in 2 and 3 dimensions. From soft toys, over fashionable luggage, up to technical garments, she makes it production-ready. From two-dimensional graphics over car wrapping to inspiring trade fair booths, she makes it happen.

Annelies worked her way up at the Delsey Benelux design team to become a rare specialist in the field of luggage design. Later on she joined Maximaldesign (now Yellow Window) and moved her focus from soft products to a wider product range and branding. Since 2008, she has succesfully created and managed several sportswear brands together with Stefan Van Ouytsel.