Bobbin stool/table object

The Bobbin is a versatile object, inspired by the shape of a thread bobbin, that serves multiple functions: It can be used as a stool or a side table. But above all it is a stylish object that brings a cheerful touch to your home.

Pinkoliv assisted Geert-Jan in turning his bobbin idea into a smart design. It is the result of a perfect and prompt interaction between XLBoom and pinkoliv to create an original product. Using a few simple injection moulded parts of recycled ABS, the stool is easily assembled before finishing it with a durable white DuPont coating XLBoom is using for all their products from the ‘ACT’ series. The seam is masked by the elastic band that symbolizes the bobbin thread. The Bobbin is available with 3 different colour finishes: white, black and red.

TRIBE Chair and Table

The triangular shape of the Tribe chair and table is inspired by the nomadic seating position and the iconic character of totems and monumental creations of nomadic people and tribes. The Tribe Chair is stackable and has a nicely modeled handle at the back. It can be used as an extra seat in the blink of an eye.

The Tribe Chair also comes with a beautiful table.  The chair and table are available in black and white and some extra seasonal colours. The Tribe products are made from recycled ABS and are coated with weather resistible Dupont paint which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Fuga Bikes

FUGA is Italian for ‘flight’ or ‘escape’, an escape from the norm. In Cycling terms it refers to the breakaway, the head of the race or the lead group.

And that’s exactly what FUGA stands for. Since it is a small Belgian cycling brand with global orientation, working with limited edition series, they gladly escape from the norm and offer their clients a new racing experience. At Fuga, the aim is not to bring the best technology -although we want to be really close to that. Making their riders experience what it feels like to be a cycling hero is their genuine ambition.