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Over and over again people keep telling us we have so many ideas. In fact, we have over 20 years of ideas collected in notebooks and sketch books that have never been realised. As time is limited, we are not able to execute those product or business ideas ourselves. That’s why we are launching Creative Sparks, a creative blog with growing ideas for inspiration. On a weekly basis, we will share a free product or business idea.

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The HERO is in YOU campaign for NODRUGS

January has been a harsh month for international cycling. One ambitious sports wear brand from Belgium has always been loyal to its values and launched its new campaign exactly on the night that 7-times Tour winner (uhum) Lance Armstrong admitted that he had been using performance enhancing drugs while taking all of his Tour victories.

With ‘the HERO IS IN YOU’ NODRUGS sportswear emphasizes that you need to believe in your inner strength, not in all the heroes around you since too many of them have fallen from their pedestal lately. Frontmen and woman of the campaign are double IronMan Hawaï winner Luc Van Lierde, Belgian Champion Bike Trial Iciar Van den Bergh and Belgium’s leading mountainbike marathon lady Kim Saenen.

Launch of Lenkes finest Liquor

PinkOliv was contracted to create the logo, brand image and marketing material for a unique liquor based on the original Cuberdons from Geldhof.

The local entrepreneur Luc Verlinden and his wife created a smart recipe for a liquor based on the original Cuberdons from Geldhof. The original artisanal cuberdons are made according to a secret recipe dating back to 1873 and are recognised as a traditional Flemish local product from the Geldhof family.

PinkOliv was contracted for the challenging task of creating the logo, brand and marketing material for this new liquor brand. We managed to create exactly the image the client was looking for: a sense of tradition with a unique twist of joyful freshness.

It is this unique and professional branding -besides the exquisite taste- that convinced the Geldhof family that these products should carry the original Geldhof label from the moment they would hit the market.

Find out more about the products on

Sven Nys Cycling Collection

PinkOliv signed a three-year contract with Belgian’s best Cyclo-Cross rider of the last decade, Sven Nys.

From January 2012 up to 2015, we will be designing, developing and distributing a unique Sven Nys Cycling collection with a range of Cycling Wear and Casual wear.

‘The Cannibal of Baal’ has an amazing career which was the source of inspiration for this new collection that starts with a range of products and will gradually grow over the following years. ‘My Legacy’ represents a range of concepts with names like ‘Koppenberg King’, ‘Emperor of Belgian Cyclo-Cross’, ‘Mister Superprestige’ and so on. All these ‘special editions’ match perfectly with a set of ‘Essentials’: bibshorts, bibtights, winter jackets, arm and leg warmers, … .

‘My Legacy’ is officially launched on Belgium’s largest cycling fair ‘Velofollies’ from 20-22 January 2012. On Friday ‘The Emperor’ Nys himself will be present from 5 to 6 pm to sign a set op special made photographs.

30SEVEN heated cycling wear nominated for BikeMotion Award

The brand new collection of heated cycling wear which we are developing for the Belgian fibre and fabrics innovation company Belginova, has just been nominated for the 2011 Bike Motion Award. The professional jury was clear: ‘Heated sports wear is without any doubt a huge innovation for the cycling sector’.

PinkOliv got in on the very first stage of the project and was responsable for anything except the technology itself. We created a new brand concept and strategy and designed an innovative cycling wear collection that uses the heating technology developed by Belginova. With this technology, we can improve the comfort level of most cyclists during cold months. Though we didn’t design the technology as such, we did design the way it is used in cycling wear and how it is integrated in all products.

The collection will be presented at the BikeMotion Benelux cycling fair in October 2011.

LP, Loquet-Peelman accountancy

Long-Playing accountancy relationships

LP stands for Loquet-Peelman, the family names of the managing partners of this accountancy office. But it also stands for ‘Long-Playing’, like the legendary vinyl record album some of you might only remember from their parents’ stories. If you are looking for a group of professional accountants with a long-term vision, Pascal Loquet and his team will guide you through all obstacles of finance, accounting and taxation.

A new brand is born: serbenco coffee solutions

We are happy to announce that we gave birth to the logo for a new company specialised in high end coffee solutions.

Serbenco bvba is a fresh service-based company providing private people, taverns, restaurants and offices with the ‘coffee solution’ that suits their needs. They work with different top coffeemaker brands: Bianchi and Jura.

The logo is finished. Next steps: creating a sleek corporate identity and translate this to a corporate website!

Summer Bike Festival 2011

We just launched the micro-campaign for the 2011 Summer Bike Festival.

The Belgian website is organising the third edition of what is about to become Belgium’s largest recreative cycling event of the summer. We built a micro-website, created online bannering, flyers, folders and all documents to communicate and promote the event.


PinkOliv created the logo for a new online Event Registration system, The website was launched prior to the presentation of the Versluys-Evenza UCI mountainbike team that is sponsored by the new brand.

New identity and website

Sportorders, the company behind the brand names First Class Nutrition and MP3 Drinks, just launched the new corporate identity for its brand.

The trick was to create a professional brand image that reflects the company’s main goal: producing and distributing quality sports products. Since Sportorders is a facilitating company, so should its visual identity support the premium sports brands without ‘overruling’ them.

The result is a professional, sleek corporate identity that combines blacks and greys that are visually seperated by a green curve. With the new identity comes a visual language for images and advertisements, a flexible website, styling of the new online distributors shop, etc. Check it out!

Tribe Chair featured in Canvas TV-show ‘Reyers Laat’

The Flemish television channel ‘Canvas’ aquired a bunch of Tribe Chairs for their new TV show ‘Reyers Laat’ that can be seen every weekday (except Wednesdays). The public is seated on the white Tribe seating elements around the table of the interviewer. Although the chair was not designed especially for this kind of purpose, it seems to do the job just fine.

More information about the Tribe Chair on our client’s website:

Vanessa joins PinkOliv!

We are very happy to announce that Vanessa has succesfully completed her trial period.

She has also played an important role in the development of our new logo and corporate identity which you can enjoy from today onwards also on our brand new website.

Within pinkoliv she will be working mostly on branding and communication projects, focussed on both print and web. We are very happy with her copywriting skills and conceptual thinking that perfectly matches the future vision of our design agency.

Welcome Vanessa!

PinkOliv teams up with MOUNTAINBIKE.BE

PinkOliv has just finished rebranding the largest mountainbike website of Belgium and the Netherlands. has been around for almost 10 years and the original owner of the famous Belgian website, was open to a complete make-over. Within 2,5 months, we managed to release a fresh logo and brand new styling of the website. PinkOliv was also responsible for all branding material, promotional actions, the design of the cycling wear and creation of new sponsor concepts.

Tribe Chair and table available in pink!

Good news for pink lovers! From now on our tribes are available in a range of colours including pinkoliv Pink!

The new set of colours were released on the January Maison et Objet Fair in Paris by XLBOOM. Coated with abrasive-resistent DuPont coating, you can enjoy these versatile Tribe furnitures for years, indoors and outdoors. Just google to find the nearest store to buy them or just buy them online here:

PinkOliv launches NODRUGS sports services concept

After a few years of preparation, we proudly present NODRUGS, a unique sports branding service for sports teams, clubs, events and sportive companies.

With NODRUGS, PinkOliv offers an integrated approach on the field of sports branding. Aside from its own sports wear products, NODRUGS is offering complete branding services from logo design, web design, sports wear design, promotion material, sponsor dossiers, etc. to help sports-related teams and organisations to look great!

Check-out our products and services at