FUGA is Italian for ‘flight’ or ‘escape’, an escape from the norm. In Cycling terms it refers to the breakaway, the head of the race or the lead group.

And that’s exactly what FUGA stands for. Since it is a small Belgian cycling brand with global orientation, working with limited edition series, they gladly escape from the norm and offer their clients a new racing experience. At Fuga, the aim is not to bring the best technology -although we want to be really close to that. Making their riders experience what it feels like to be a cycling hero is their genuine ambition.

PinkOliv gave rebirth to the 13y old bicycle brand, starting from a new business model, rewriting the brand story and brand values, to end up with innovative frame graphics and inspiring communication. Unfortunately, the owners of the brand turned out to have other priorities and were unable to keep this fabulous brand alive.

Date September 2008 Client Fuga Bikes Skills Branding Sports products